Sep 27, 2017

5 Top Heritage Spots on Zadar peninsula

Dalmatia Heritage


Apart from being a modern town today, Zadar still nurtures the status as one of the oldest cities on Croatian coast with more than 3000 years of historical continuity and culture.

Just like other towns in Dalmatia, Zadar evolved from old Illyrian and Liburnian settlements and later served as a Roman municipality. Venice also left a big mark on the city considering Zadar was under their rule for almost 4 centuries.

The old town of Zadar which is situated on a peninsula has an incredible amount of archaeological treasure found on every corner. To learn more about those historical times we'll take a look at some of Zadar's breathtaking monuments and building and explore the amazing mix of cultures.

1. St. Donatus Church

Without a doubt, the best known symbol of Zadar's medieval architecture is by far the church of St. Donatus. Besides being one of the finest examples of the Byzantine architecture, the church has some of the most remarkable acoustic characteristics which makes this a must visit, especially during the concert season of Musical Evenings in St. Donatus.

2. St. Anastasia square

Considered to be the biggest church in Dalmatia with origins dating to 4th century AD, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia is an interesting blend od architectural styles and periods.

The cathedral's façade consists of three portals along with it's belonging entrances decorated with a number of meticulous details all made in Romanesque and Gothic style. Interior of the church is just as amazing as the exterior; stone altars, wood carved choir and you can also see the relics of St. Anastasia herself.

And as long as you're here, a climb to the bell tower is a must if you want to enjoy in one of the most romantic view of Zadar. Make sure to climb to the top for a perfect view of Zadar and surrounding islands. We reccomend sunset as the best time of day for this visit.

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3. Roman Forum

Close to St. Donatus Church you can set foot to the main square of the Roman Forum, locally known just as Forum. The square dates back to the 1st century BC and is still the center of life on the peninsula, as it was back in the Roman days.

photo by: Zadar Tourist Board

4. Venetian Gates (Muraj)

While Zadar was under the rule of the Venetians the city played an important military role in the defence against the Turkish attacks. Therefore, in 1543 the Venetian Works of Defence surrounded Zadar with great walls and entrances with Land Gate standing out as the main entrance to the city. It is one of the most excuisite historical monuments of Venetian ruleand Renaissance in all Dalmatia. For best views we reccomend taking s troll through the Queen Jelena Madije Park where you can find a peaceful vantage point of the Land Gate and Foša harbour.

5. Five wells square

At the entrance to Queen Jelena Madije Park and close to the city walls and Land Gate is a square that features exactly what it's name says: five Venetian wells right next to each other along with a pentagonal Captain's tower that served to strenghten the city against the Turks.

Even though the wells are no longer in use, the square has become an interesting mix of old and modern culture, intertwining old architecture with concerts, summer nightlife and romantic walks with that special someone.

Want to learn more about Zadar's heritage? Come with us on our tours and find our all there is to know about Zadar's history!

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